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You are NOT alone: God is With You

I can just about guarantee you that once you make your mind up to live for God, some people will walk right out of your life! And that’s okay because to be honest, you may have to walk away from some people too! Many of your old friends that you used to sin with may come to not like you anymore just because you are trying to live right and don’t want to engage in sin with them anymore. This may hurt a bit but if you are going to be making some changes in your life, you have got to start surrounding yourself with positive people anyway. If your past issue was stealing or using drugs, do you really think you can still continue to associate with the same people who are still doing these things?

Of course not, because they may cause you to “backslide” and pretty soon you will be deep in sin again. Now there’s a proper way to do everything-If you have a friend or family member that still lives in sin but respects your decision to walk with God and does not try to pull you into sin, perhaps you can still associate with this person to some degree. This is where you will really have to consult God for his guidance because perhaps you are the one person in their life who could be an example to them and encourage them to come out of their sin.

But bottom line-I’m telling you that there are definitely some people that will leave you; and this may cause you to feel lonely. When you start to have those thoughts of loneliness, cast them down immediately because the enemy is lying to you! You are not alone! God says He will never leave you or forsake you (Hebrews 13:5, New King James Version). Just think about it-if you are filled with God’s Holy Spirit, God is with you at all times because His Spirit lives in you! There were times I felt lonely because it seemed I just couldn’t find positive people to be around. But I had to realize that it was truly better for me to not have any friends for a period of time rather than to have a whole circle of friends who would only be negative and cause me to sin!

And I tell you what-I feel God’s presence just as if  there is another person in the room when I go into deep prayer, deep mediation of His Word, or deep worship. Just try it out! Read God’s word and just sit and think on it, see if you don’t feel something. Talk to God through prayer just like you are talking to a best friend, fall on your knees and let God know how great He is and see if you don’t feel His power and presence!

If you really want to feel God’s presence, do these things! Seek God with all your might and He will allow you to find Him (Proverbs 8:17, NKJV). Even when no one is physically there in your corner, know that you are not alone and God is always with you!

As always, I pray these words have blessed! I want to encourage you to always go a step beyond my messages as I am not an official spiritual leader of any kind. I am simply a young lady who is trying to live for God and share my experiences with others as I go! So always read/study the scriptures for yourself, consult with your spiritual leader/pastor, and of course seek God for understanding.

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-To God be the Glory


*Scripture taken from the New King James Version. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.



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