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Use Your Gift: Follow Your Calling

I thought I’d let you know how blessed I am each day as I write these messages for you! Sometimes I literally have to stop right in the middle of writing as I begin to feel the presence of God so strongly-I begin to rejoice, cry out to God, and tell him how grateful I am for everything He’s doing and has done! I’ve always been very soft-spoken and stuck in my comfort zone, never wanting too much attention on me. So starting this blog was a huge step for me; and I believe God is going to bless me greatly for obeying Him. And I have a feeling God will bless you too, if only you obey Him as well!

See I believe God has probably pressed upon you an idea-perhaps He wants you to start a business or ministry of some sort. I can imagine God has even given you a gift and has been dealing with you concerning BOLDLY stepping out to use your gift for His glory; but you are just too afraid to do it! Well people let me tell you, it’s an honor for God to CHOOSE us to complete a good work for Him; and He has indeed chosen us! 1 Peter 2:9 (New King James Version) tells us that we are a chosen generation, a people who are set aside for the particular purpose of showing forth God’s praises. As many times as we’ve messed up and turned our backs on God, He STILL wants to use us!

If God has given you a gift, you can believe He wants you to use it! Ephesians 4:1 (NKJV) urges us to “walk worthy” of the calling that God has placed on our lives. In other words, we should strive to fulfill the purpose or calling that God has given us; and we can most certainly do that by using the gifts He’s given us. I strongly encourage you to let go of  fears and insecurities-just do what God has told you to do! I’m telling you-He will bless you so greatly just for obeying Him; and you will find such happiness in doing His will! Please listen, I’m telling you from experience because God is blessing me right now!

Say this short prayer:

Lord, help me to pick up spiritual boldness that I may do the work that you have called me to do. Help me to understand that you have not given me fear; but you have given me power and a sound mind. Help me to put every gift you’ve given me to work that you may get all the honor, glory, and praise out of my life. And help me to understand that while I may not be able to do anything on my own, I can indeed do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me! In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen!

***One last thing:

I have prepared a short “thank you” video just to show my love and appreciation towards you for supporting my blog thus far! It’s nothing fancy and after making it, I realized how country I sound-I just couldn’t get that “country twang” out of my voice (there I go with the insecurities)! Nevertheless, I hope you will enjoy the video! To view video, please go to Youtube and type Your Godly Words: Thank You Video into the search box!

-To God be the Glory


*Scripture taken from the New King James Version. Copyright 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.


5 thoughts on “Use Your Gift: Follow Your Calling

  1. Once again our mission is so similar. When God told me to do the blog, I was being so stubborn about it just because I didn’t believe. To the point that God had to send His prophet to tell me that He has put His anointing on me. I had ever excuses in the world. But thank God I was convicted and obeyed His word.

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