Lovely Things

Beauty From Pain: An Original Poem

Just about every good or beautiful thing we experience here on earth will come AFTER a little pain. No one likes to endure pain but it is indeed rewarding when our suffering/hard work pays off as we finally get to enjoy the final product which is the beauty. I encourage you: whatever pain you may be going through, rest assured there will come a day when you will behold God, the source of ALL beauty, face to face. And you will dwell with him FOREVER in a place where there’s absolutely no more crying or suffering; if only you live a life worth! (Revelations 21:4, New King James Version)

How could precious babies come into the world

If mothers never suffered labor pains

How could our wounds be healed by God above

If we are never slain

How would the olive produce oil

If it were never under pressure

How could we truly enjoy sunshine

If we never have a little stormy weather

If we never fell

How could we stand back up much stronger

If we were never tried

How could our faith stretch any longer

If we didn’t have to die

How could we return to the glory from which we came

I tell you, there’s absolutely no beauty on earth without a little pain

But rest assured there’s a place

Where we will cry no more

There’s beauty all around this city

Even streets made of solid gold

A destination that truly makes it

Worthwhile to run this painful race

Because there we behold God, the source of all beauty

Standing face to face

-To God be the Glory

© 2017 by AdriannaJ

*Scripture taken from the New King James Version. Copyright ©1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.




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