Think About It Tuesday

Your Relationship With God: Think About It Tuesday

I have a question for you today: If God treated you EXACTLY how you treated Him, would your relationship with Him be a good one?….If your answer is No, I urge you to do a serious self-examination and CHANGE the way you treat God from this moment forth!

Now of course we want God to be the same with us EVERY day-we want a faithful and unchanging God and He is just that! The Bible tells us He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8, New King James Version). But are WE the same towards Him every day? We even want God to answer our every call; and not only that, but we want Him to answer IMMEDIATELY or without hesitation. Then we want God to show us DAILY love and affection  by blessing us greatly. But are we willing to do these same things towards Him?

Many of us are taught from the time we are in Kindergarten to treat others how we want to be treated. Then as we get older we are even taught that relationships of any kind are a TWO way street; whether it’s a friendship, marriage, or even a work relationship. A successful relationship must consist of two WILLING individuals who are willing to GIVE and RECEIVE respect and many other wonderful things. Knowing this concerning our earthly relationships, why do we feel we can short change God as it relates to our relationship with Him?

I’ve had a few relationships where I’ve felt like it was a ONE way street, like I was just giving and giving only to receive little to nothing in return. It didn’t feel good; so I can only imagine how God feels when we do Him this way, especially with all He has already done for us. God has already done His part; and He continues to do His part. He created us, sent His son to die for our sins, sent His Holy Spirit to fill and empower us, and most of all He loved us before we even loved ourselves. Then on top of that He continues to forgive us, heal us, bless us, and take us to new levels even when we are NOT worthy.

Again I ask you: If God treated you EXACTLY how you treated Him, would your relationship with Him be a good one?…..THINK ABOUT IT!

-To God be the Glory


*Scripture taken from the New King James Version. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. All rights reserved.


7 thoughts on “Your Relationship With God: Think About It Tuesday

  1. Hmmm!
    Maybe if God treats me the way I do to him, I would have been dead by now. Each day I want to get closer to him I’m not getting it done. I know him but not serving him like I wanted. Sometimes busyness or laziness.
    I’ll actually work on myself and I pray God forgives and helps me.
    Thanks so much. I never wanted to miss your articles.

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    1. Glad this made you think! There’s no telling where I would be if God treated me how I treated Him in the past! And I know I could do better about serving God as well! Thanks so much for reading and commenting my friend!


  2. So true Adrianna! Thanks for sharing this. All too often we hold God accountable for everything in our lives but do we do the same when it comes to the things he expects of us. Life is not about take,take,take but rather a ‘give and take’ and I believe our relationship with God is the same way. We have expectations of him as he has of us. Although we may not get it right every time that does not mean we should stop trying. He does not give up on us!

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