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Throwback Thursday

Hello there my faithful followers! In case you guys didn’t know, Thursdays are my rest days! I use this time to commune with God, read His Word, and meditate. So in honor of the “Throwback Thursday” theme, I encourage my readers to take a look at some of my old blog posts that they may have missed out on throughout the weeks! Also on Mondays I do MOVE IT MONDAY videos which can be found on my blog’s Facebook page. Go to Facebook, search @yourgodlywords, then like/follow page to view those videos!

I always try to do actual blog posts on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Saturdays are my “kick back with myself or my family” days. Then Sundays I’m busy with my church and resting up for the new week! I try my best to be as consistent as possible and I’m really enjoying what I do! I’m YOUNG, I love God, I’m trying my best to live by Him and I just want to be an example to all YOUNG people that this thing is possible! It’s POSSIBLE to be young, live for God, and enjoy doing it! I’m soon to be 26 years old and ENJOYING every minute of my walk with God! And while I may not be able to “win the majority” over to Christ, if I can reach just ONE person with each blog post I write, I will be satisfied with that!

Thanks so much to all who have supported me thus far. And I just want to let you know: every time I get even ONE comment or inbox saying, “That really blessed me, that was just what I needed to hear” it motivates me to keep going!…Love you guys!

-To God be the Glory




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