Feel Free Friday

Trying: Feel Free Friday

TRYING is a part of walking in our freedom. Some are afraid to try because they fear FAILURE; however, success comes by the same means! There’s not one person who has succeeded who didn’t first TRY! If anything is HOLDING YOU BACK or STOPPING you from trying, then you can’t possibly be walking in your freedom! Freedom doesn’t “hold you back” or stop you from doing GOOD things.

Now I’m sure there’s so many things you’d like to do. Maybe you’d like to go back to school, start some sort of ministry, or even give love a try again. I’m not telling you to go out trying any and everything, whether it be good or bad. Nor am I telling you to jump out there setting unrealistic goals that you haven’t seriously planned for or conversed with God about.

However, if you have a GOOD thing you’d like to do, have talked to God about it, and mapped out a legitimate plan of action; just give it a TRY! Don’t let fear of failure hold you back because remember you are free! Your vison or dream may seem impossible to you or others around you; and thoughts of failure may be ringing in your ear. However, remember Jesus said in Mark 10:27 (New King James Version) that with God ALL things are possible!

Now you’ll never know how true this is or exactly what the ALL entails until you try! As I always say: you are free. So live like it. Try like it. FEEL FREE my friends, FEEL FREE!

-To God be the Glory


*Scripture taken from the New King James Version. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson; Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.


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