Welcome! This blog is meant to encourage the hearts of EVERYBODY trying to live for God, but especially young people. As a 25 year old young woman, I know that it can be difficult at times to make up your mind to live for God and keep that mind! But as I have grown over the years and matured in the Lord, I have come to understand that it does not have to be so hard because God will help us live for Him! Young people-I’m telling you, living for God is possible! And you can do it and enjoy it!

I encourage my readers to always go a step further than my messages as I am not an official spiritual leader of any kind. I am simply a young lady trying to live for God and share my experiences/testimonies along the way. I will be giving many scriptures and interpretations of the Bible; but I strongly suggest you go read/study the scriptures for yourself, consult with your spiritual leader/pastor, and of course seek God for understanding.

I pray my blog will bless all who read! If you are blessed by my blog please Follow/Like/Comment/Share or simply tell a friend! God is good; and we should make it a habit to tell everyone we know!

-To God be the Glory




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